M3 turbo 500who

E36 turbo 500whp beast of my boys running 12s between 115-120+ mph

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E36 Love Story - Micah Diaz
Follow us on IG @socalsidewayz_ Follow the build on IG @micah_diaz_ My darling E36 I had Socalsidewayz film us to make a video so I could public display my love for you, I pray we have many years together. I'll take care of you and bring you joy the way you have brought me joy. I love you, enjoy darling, Yours truly -Micah Ps: You sit pretty

Plasti Dipping The E36
After having the dip for months we finally get around to spraying it onto cams e36.

How to takes U-turn with M3 500whp!
How to takes U-turn with M3 500whp!

500whp 325 e36 turbo 0-230km/h
Slow start and bad traction trough 1st & 2nd gear. M50b28.