Birds vs Planes

Here is a collection of pictures of birds crashing into planes and helicopters causing great damage... not only to the planes but also to themselves. Music: Action House by His Boy Elroy Please COMMENT RATE and SUBSCRIBE

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Lots of videos about crashes, but not many about near collisions and incidents. Sometimes the potential for crashes is more harrowing than the event itself.

Top 10 Vertical Takeoffs
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10 Abnormally Large Airplanes That Actually Exist

Amazing Airplane Struck By Lightning - Plane Crash
Best Lighting Strike Of The Month 9 2016 Compilation | Lighting Strike 2016 Part 3 | By Crash Videos: Subscribe Crash videos to be the first to see the new video: Lighting Strikes Plane in the World live video Amazing Airpalne struck by lightning Car Crash Compilation 2016 - Crash Videos: Lighting Strike - Amazing Lighting Strike - By CrashVideo: Amazing Helicopter Crash Compilation 2016 - Crash Videos: