My 2004 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor transformation into a Marauder clone.

My 2004 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor transformation into a Marauder clone. Bought from Texas Department of Public Safety in January 2008. The front clip was not changed out to the Marauder as these parts are very expensive. The header is about $250, front bumper is $400, headlights $100 and grille about $125. Then the rear bumper is $500 from the dealer to complete the whole look. Even junk yards wanted near retail for body parts. So I just added the Marauder corners and smoked headlights. Wheels are Mustang Pony that look like the Marauder wheels. Cheaper and still looks good and the average person has no clue the differences. For people that actually read the description this video it is from January 2009 and I did this mod if summer/fall 2008 on a 4 year old CVPI from State of Texas that was a one Trooper vehicle. In 2008 a Marauder was still over $20K and I did this conversion including the cost of the P71 for under $6000. I have not owned a Crown Vic since 2010 when I sold this car.

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Progress of Cobra Crown vic Build
This is my car from the time i bought it to where it is now. Lots of things to come, just need to get some other stuff taken care of first. these are not all the pics i have but gives you some idea what the car whent through.

Time for the world to witness Cruel Vics 2005 P71 in all its glory. By far one of the cleanest and meanest crown victorias in Florida. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and show him some love @ Cruel_vic also dont forget to follow me on Instagram as well @ MR RANDOM REVIEWS stay tuned for more awesome crown vic reviews

The Top Ten Reasons why the Ford Crown Victoria P71 police interceptor is the best car ever
I've owned multiple P71's in my life. They are inexpensive and tough, comfortable but performance oriented, easy to maintain, fun and safe to drive. Bang for the buck these are arguably the best car ever made! If you are an Uber or taxi driver, have kids or pets (or both), these cars are tough and easy to clean. Many are known to go several hundred thousand miles.

Turbo 2v Cop car police interceptor
rear mounted turbo 2v modular 4.6l stock mafs, injectors, pump, trans etc. 206rwhp stock, 320rwhp @ 6psi