Chevrolet Camaro Z28 IROC-Z--Test Drive Video Review with Chris Moran A museum-piece 1987 Camaro Z28 IROC-Z with Chris Moran. Presented by Midwest Auto Collection. with Chris Moran The 1987 Chevy Camaro Sport Coupe got restyled rally wheels (unique to this year), new lower body stripes, and argent headlamp pockets. The dropped Berlinetta model was replaced with the new 'LT' option for the '87 Camaro Sport Coupe. The 1987 Camaro LT option incorporated most of the Berlinetta's equipment except the electronic instrumentation. Late in the model year, the 1987 Chevrolet Camaro RS was introduced as a test for California and with only V-6 power. It had Z28 style valances that were painted body color (like IROC) and had no lower body stripes. The RS got the 15 inch 5 spoke aluminum Z28 wheel which were painted to match body color. The 1987 Chevrolet Camaro RS came only in red, white, or black. It also had the same steering wheel used in Z28's and IROC-Z's. Delco-Bose sound systems and leather interior were available for the first time and were available on all Camaro models. Automatic gearshift knob is switched from round to square in all models.The CHMSL moved to the spoiler (which was slightly increased in size) on all cars equipped with a spoiler (all Z28's, IROC-Z's, spoiler optional on LT and Sport Coupe). Lower body stripes on Z28 still numbered 4, but gap between the top three stripes was removed. The Camaro convertible was introduced for the first time since 1969 as a regular production option. The convertible was available on the 1987 Chevy Camaro Sport Coupe, Sport Coupe LT, Z28, and IROC-Z. The new 350 TPI motor was not available in the convertible however, and never would be during the Third Gen. The convertible conversion was performed on t-top equipped (t-top models have extra bracing) Camaros by ASC. Only 1,007 convertibles were produced this first year of production. 1987 was the 20th anniversary of the Camaro and the convertibles were considered the anniversary editions and were signified by a special dash badge that read `20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition'. Also specific to the 87 convertibles were the one year only third brake light and fairings extending a few inches onto the top edge of the doors. G92 performance axle ratio and J65 four wheel disc brakes were available this year on the IROC-Z convertible. 1987 was the last year for Camaros to be produced at the Norwood Ohio plant, the original Camaro Plant. After much testing the year before, the 350 TPI and 5 Speed 305 TPI combinations were finally available on the IROC-Z28. The 350 was only available in the IROC-Z and only with an automatic transmission. The exterior differed in appearance only by `5.7 Tuned Port Injection' badges rather than `Tuned Port Injection' badges. The TPI 350 motor was not visually distinguishable from the TPI 305. A few things can be used to disinguish a 350 TPI from a 305 TPI though. (other than the badges, which are often changed to sell a 305 TPI as a 350 TPI). All TPI 350 IROC-Z's (1987-1990) and all TPI 350 Z28's (1991-1992) had automatic transmissions and most had rear disc brakes. The eighth digit of the VIN is an `8' for 350 TPI's and an `F' for 305 TPI's. The service parts identification list in the center console glovebox will list the code B2L and L98 for a 350 TPI, LB9 for a 305 TPI. The under hood sticker should list the motor as a 5.7 liter rather than a 5.0 liter. All TPI 350 (1987-1992) Camaros had a tach with yellow at 5000 and red at 5500. They also all came with the Borg Warner 9 Bolt and 3.27's in 87 only, other years it was optional. In 1987, the 215hp 305 TPI motor returned on the newly available 5 spd / 305 TPI combination only. Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars, Chicago Motor Cars.chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars chicago motor cars

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1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28 For Sale Click now for an instant download on "How to Avoid the 7 Deadliest Mistakes of Buying a Classic Car Online"! To see over 100 pictures of this car visit 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28 VIN: GL189868 This is a phenomenal 1986 Chevrolet Camaro that is all original with only 1,477 Original Miles! The beautiful Dark Metallic Red finish on her gives the original look and is sleek! Look inside this beautiful car and you will see gorgeous grey bucket seats paired with beautiful and clean upholstery. She has a center console with a floor shifter that are clean and shine. She is muscled by the numbers matching 305ci V8 Engine tied to a 700R4 4-Speed Automatic and she is ready to go! Come look at this beautiful car, you will not be disappointed. Call us today and let VMS park this IROC Z28 in your driveway! - All Original - 1,477 Original Miles - 2 Owners Since New - Clean Vehicle History - Clean Title Mechanics: Numbers Matching 305ci V8 Engine (#: 14010201) - Serial #: V0312CFA - Stock Heads TPI Electronic Fuel Injection 700R4 4-Speed Automatic Transmission 10-Bolt Rear End - Ratio: 3.42:1 - Open Diff Front Coil Spring Suspension - Huge Sway Bar - All Bushings and Suspension Components Have Factory Markings Rear Coil Spring Suspension - All Bushings and Suspension Components Have Factory Markings POWER Brakes: - Front - POWER Disc - Rear - POWER Disc Exhaust: - 2 to 1 Single Exhaust w / Original Equipment Mufflers Key Components: - FACTORY A/C - POWER STEERING - All Factory Correct Components Under the Hood Cosmetics: - Extremely Clean Engine Bay - Factory Hoses and Lines are In Excellent condition - Everything Is Laid Out Just as It Came from the Factory Body: - Dark Metallic Red Paint Finish is Beautiful - Doors, Lips, Jams are clean - Doors Fit Nicely w/ Body - Hood Fits Flush with Fenders - Factory Jamb Stickers - Rear Window Louvers - Inside Trunk Is Gorgeous - Trunk Floor is Solid - Undercarriage Is Clean - Rockers & Pinchwelds are Solid - Wheels: 16” – Stock OEM - Original Tires: 245/50VR16 – Goodyear Eagle VR50 Interior: - Original Black Interior Is Beautiful - Bucket Seats - Center Console - Floor Shifter - Upholstery Is Clean - Carpeting Is Clean - Door Panels Look New - Dashboard & Dash Pad are In Great Shape - Gauges are Clean & Clear Don't Miss Out! Call Tom 7 Days a Week at 248-974-9513!

The birth, build, crash, and death of my bad ass 89 Mustang coupe
I took my eyes off the road for a few seconds while cruising at 55 MPH. When I looked up, I was on the double yellow line and there was someone coming. I panicked, jerked the wheel to the right, and the car started fishtailing. I had just put soft coil overs on the front of the car, and the car had no swaybars front or rear. The suspension didn't do me any favors, a better driver likely could have saved the car, but I just couldn't reel it in. I came off the right side of the road at maybe 50 MPH or so, hit a tree, and ended up barrel rolling the car. Pro tip - trees are hooked to the planet, they don't move easily. Especially large ones. Underground garage tee shirts available here: The build of my 89 Mustang - and the death of the car. It was an awesome car, and it will always be missed.

Auto Dee TV presents Jam's 1990 Blue IROC Z Camaro Third Gen Generation
In this episode we get together with the one and only Jammer and his beautiful 1990 Blue IROC Z Camaro. We chat and reminisce about back in the day, playing Old School Nintendo and riding our 80's Mongoose bikes. Family is everything and I cherish the times I get to hang out with my brother (even if Colleen is tagging along... all the damn time, but she's cool) Sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Be a part of the show, contact us at Leave your comments below the video and remember to subscribe, like and share!!! Thank you and Enjoy the show! Auto Dee TV Instagram @autodeetv