Hot Wheels Sky Jump Playset - Unboxing, Review, and Demonstation of Features

This is an unboxing, review, and demonstration of the Hot Wheels Sky Jump Playset, which was released in Summer 2011.

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Hot Wheels Track Builder Accessories Collection with Lift & Launch Clamp Jump Loop Hang it!
Here is a look at a few Hot Wheels Track Builder accessories. In this video we take a look at the Lift & Launch, Hang it, Loop it, Clamp it, and Jump it accessories. Then put them together in a layout with some straight track pieces. These are a lot of fun! Check out my other videos! Matchbox Pop Up Mini Car Wash Set Hot Wheels Super 6-in-1 Set Matchbox Rescue Station Playset Matchbox Police and Bank City Links Sets Matchbox Mini Pop Up Snake Escape Playset

Hotwheels EXTREME stunts
I made another video but this one is special I made a bunch of small clips and put them all together these stunts are 100% real! These stunts are like nothing you have seen before!

Hot Wheels Color Splash Science Lab Playset with Spray Zone Launcher Jumps Cars
New for 2015, this is the Hot Wheels Color Splash Science Lab playset. This set comes with one color shifters car and features a launcher, jumps, speed ramps, two dunk tanks for hot and cold water, and a working waterfall spray zone. It also connects with the Hot Wheels track system. This water toy is tons of fun and it can also make your cars squeaky clean! Check out my other videos! Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Trackset Hot Wheels Tune-Up Shop Playset with Real Sparks! Hot Wheels Skyscraper Spiral Track Set Review Hot Wheels Speed Junction Mini City Track Playset Matchbox Adventure Links Firetower Rescue Playset

Hot Wheels World Mega Garage Parking Center Playset with Spiral Ramps Launcher
The Hot Wheels Mega Garage Playset! This is one of the larger Hot Wheels garage sets released, and it has a very unique design with tons of cool features. It features a working elevator, two car launchers, spiral ramps, a rotating showroom, working ladders, and of course parking spaces for your cars. It attaches to the Hot Wheels World playtrack and playsets, and you can also attach standard Hot Wheels stunt track. It was originally released as the Powershift Garage, and the colors were a bit different and some of the features were electronic. In this reissue, there are no electronic parts, and I actually like that a little bit better because then you don't have to worry about getting any batteries to have for the set to work properly...Just set up and play! Check out my other videos! Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset Hot Wheels Sto & Go Parking Garage Hot Wheels Croc Cruncher Stunt Track Set Hot Wheels World Construction Site Playset Hot Wheels World Police Station Playset