Motorcycle lay down

Motorcycle wipeout

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Laying the Bike Down...On Purpose?
Dropping the Bike on Purpose = Myth..right?

I Had to Lay Down My Bike... Eff the Wind!
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How NOT to enter a Corner on a Motorcycle
Rocket Recommends: Total Control Motorcycle Rider Trainer by Lee Parks A common mistake with riders, especially new riders, is turning into corners far too early. This causes you to create a decreasing radius turn. Which is bad.

Laid my bike down during a DMV motorcycle test
I was practicing weave and U-turns/slow speed maneuvers. Came around a little wide for staging, but instead of just making another circle and coming back around, I grabbed my front brake. And since my handlebars weren't square when I applied the front brake, the bike fell . Luckily, I caught it before it hit the ground, and was able to lay it down gently. The only damage is a very small scrape on the side of the mirror.