Subaru WRX STI Anti-Lag Launch

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600WHP Subaru Impreza STi - Anti Lag and Cyclic Idle in Car Demo
Just put some finishing touches on tuning the anti lag to make it smoother. Flipping the switch opens throttle plate 20% and engine runs on cyclic idle @ 1,700rpm. When I step on the gas and engine rpm exceeds 3,000rpm and 30%+ throttle plate opening, anti lag is on. If engine rpm is under 3,000rpm for 5 seconds or more anti lag turns off and goes back to cyclic idle until I flip the switch off. At idle with anti lag on it's about 1-2psi Boost at 2,700rpm. Free revving it up I can reach 5-10psi with no engine load. BEFORE anyone asks how you get it and if you want it. Anti-lag is EXTREMELY hard on the engine. You would need forged pistons, and built heads at a minimum. The valvetrain takes a beating so inconel/super alloy Exhaust valves would be a must as long with aftermarket valve springs. Also you're going to need a STRONG header. Explosions are going on in there.

2005 STi Inside Rev Launch Control
Launch Control set to 3500 RPM. Mods: Helix Catless Downpipe Downpipe coated by Crucial Racing SR*S Catback Exhaust K&N Typhoon Intake Cobb AccessPort Stage 2

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WRX ECU Flash Anti-Lag
2011 WRX/STi using UPP's AntiLag and Rolling AntiLag (tm). This was setup and done with ECU Flash Open Source Tuning. Available now at UPP, 719-575-0202