598 at 800 HP

The pink box with STPPwr is the corrected horsepower. The blue box with StPtrq is the corrected torque. This motor is on 93 octane pump gas. Hydrolic roller cam. 1150 Carburator.

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pump gas 598

Camaro SS Shafiroff 598
71 Chevrolet Camaro SS Shafiroff 598 cui

pump gas 598 10th run (1)
pump gas 598 10th run (1)

Apache 41 offshore racing boat with twin 1000 HP 598 CID Herb Stotler racing engines
Some Random vids of my 1991 41 foot Apache race boat running, Boat has Twin 1000 HP 598 CID Dart BBC with 8-71 BDS marine Superchargers, Stellings Stainless Steel Black headers with twin 4 1/2 inch SS pipes, no mufflers (to all you non boating guys yes no mufflers, no emissions of any kind!! Lucky boating guys!)