05 chevy colorado dougnuts

truck is now totaled, but it was a 5 speed 5cylinder............it was OK

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How to Change Spark Plugs in a 2005 Chevy Colorado
With 75,000 miles, I decided to change the spark plugs for my in-line 5-cylinder, 2005 Chevy Colorado truck. It was not as difficult as I anticipated. I could not find many good pictures or instructions on the Internet. So, I decided to make a video and upload it to YouTube and some of the do-it-yourself websites. The new plugs gave me quite noticeable pep and acceleration from a stop a much more responsive gas pedal. Im not sure if the plugs will improve fuel mileage. But, Id like to think they will. The job took me about 2 hours. Most of that was applying a good cleaning to the engine parts. Video is approximately 9mins 25 secs long.

2005 Chevy Colorado speedometer language change
Instructions on how to change your chevy from telling you your doors open or you need to change your oil, from Spanish to English. Or any other language setting. Also oil change reset.

What HEMI?
Ls1 colorado 1st test at dragstrip

0 - 110MPH in My Chevy Colorado