Russia Car Crash Compilation For October 2012 !!NEW

My own made Russia car crash compilation for October 2012 Подборка автокатастроф 2012 Subcribe channel : i don't have copy this video but i created this in "video manager" . i hope you like it :) do not copy this video :) With Original sound only please leave a comment,like,subcribe me thanks!!

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Ремонт АУДИ после ДТП часть 1. Audi repair after an accident Part 1
Часть 2-я по ссылке Восстановить свой автомобиль может каждый, я так назвал фильм потому, что сам, не имея достаточного опыта, смог сделать ремонт своего авто. А те, которые видели автомобиль после ремонта, оценили высшим балом. Я не ожидал, что так получится. Restore your car and everyone can, so I called the film because he does not have adequate experience, I was able to make the repairs your car. And those who saw the car after the repair was rated higher ball. I did not expect that it happened.

Car Crash & Road Rage Compilation (2) (Best of 2012)
Note: At the time I made this video a few years ago I didn't mean to copy right the video, instead that I was meaning to put a water mark on the video to make other youtube users less likely to download my entire compilation that I took time to put together and re-post as their own work - also note I have never received a single cent from these videos (Proof - ). The second video in a series of car crash videos. Was a viral video until the account it was on got terminated. So here I am starting over =) These videos are intended for educational purposes. Thanks!

Accidentes espectaculares (Crash)
Accidentes de coches en competición de RALLY

Phun Algodoo Car Destruction #3 car crashes
Destruction in Algodoo! If you like this crash/destruction compilation, please click on the like button and share the video! Comment :) ▶ Subscribe here: PHUN ALGODOO DESTRUCTION Playlist: Epic Phun Algodoo player: Kilinich Xray Roman Paradigm 29 Dare Lucas Phun Algodoo scenes download here: About Phun/algodoo: Algodoo is a physics-based 2D sandbox developed and sold by Algoryx Simulation AB, and is the successor to the popular physics application Phun.