Great Lakes Dragaway Crash (1080p)

Today was import wars at great lakes dragway, i was spectating the event, the driver was having troubles starting the car before i started the video. I have no relations with the driver of the event i was just spectating and recording the video. Sorry for all of the people in the way of the video, this was the best i could of done. Enjoy! Another video from today:

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Female Racer Crash at Great Lakes Dragaway
Female racer crashes at Great Lakes Dragaway. Racer is okay and in good spirits.

KOTS 2014 Crashes Chitowns King Of The Street 2014 spring race had a lot of heads up, no prep action, Here are the wrecks. Drivers were okay. Held at Union Grove, Wisconsin, Great Lakes Dragaway. Music clip by BH-Project. 9495

Scenes from Thursday 5-25-17 at Greatlakes Dragaway

13 Insane crashes from the Urban Hillbilly Videos Vault, filmed at various Drag Strips across the US. All drivers were uninjured. Check us out on Facebook 4