моя мотособака

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Альтернатива снегоходу Буран из города Рыбинска. Made in Russia.

Моя мотособака

Briggs and Stratton Powered Homemade Prototype Buggy
A short video of my homemade 3hp Briggs & Stratton Buggy. The buggy has an upside down car differential and a 3 speed gearbox. The primary drive is belt drive and this is used as a clutch. The final drive is chain drive from the gearbox to the differential. The steering system is a steering box from a mitsubishi colt and the steering rods have been modified to suit the buggy. It isn't very fast but can tow a car trailer or a boat trailer and it goes anywhere.

снегоходная приставка САМ к мотоблоку