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Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation engine start up

This is the Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation "Connie" VH-EAG operated by the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (http://www.hars.org.au/2009/05/the-connie/) firing up engine number 1 at the 2011 Australian Air Show. This was the closing night, Sunday March 6.


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Eastern Air Lines N836D, Douglas DC-7B.
Built in 1958, and delivered to Eastern Air Lines, during January 1958. In service for only 5 years, before it was sold to the Nomads Flying Club. It was their first airplane. After only 5 years, it was re-sold. Mostly parked for 32 years, before being ferried from dowtown Minneapolis airport in September, of 2004. After a lengthy and thorough restoration, it is almost ready to return to the skies.

Spectacular Lockheed Super Constellation visual Approach - Paris Air Show 2013 ( HD )
The Lockheed Super Constellation was built between 1943 and 1958. 856 aircrafts were produced during these 15 years. I have tried to catch the Super Constellation with the well known nick name "Super Conni" since many years but it was never flying to an airport near my home airport. This time we decided to drive 500 km (320 miles) to Paris with one goal: Getting a good video and a good picture of this old lady. I am very content with the result because this visual approach was very impressive in my opinion. Thanks to " Breitling Super Constellation" for keeping this beauty in the air. Last year they had to cancel all flights due to technical problems. Thanks for watching, I hope you like and please don` t forget to rate.

Lockheed EC-121 Super Constellation Take-off from Camarillo 1/14/12
Lockheed EC-121T Warning Star Super Constellation (Connie) , AF Serial No. 53-0548 After 15+ years on the ground and a 7 year restoration Effort this Cold War Era United States Air Force airborne early warning radar surveillance (AWACS) aircraft has been cleared by the FAA for a Ferry flight to The Yanks Air Museum Chino, California.

Super Constellation Start Engine

Junkers L5 aircraft engine, start-up
To get your totally FREE aircraft magazine for the iPAD click the link http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/loop-aviation-magazine/id465155026?mt=8 The only working Junkers L5 aircraft engine at start-up. As seen at AERO 2011.

Breitling Super Constellation, DC-3 & Patrouille Suisse in Berne! HD
Start up of with heavy smoke, take off, low pass Patrouille Suisse, landing. Breitling weekend at Bern-Belp and also the Patrouille Suisse with its tigers came by. Filmed with a Nikon D3100

Ju-52 Engine Start
Triebwerkstart der Ju-52 "Tante Ju" auf dem Siegerland Flughafen vor dem Streckenflug nach Kassel.

Qantas 'Connie' Super Constellation Takeoff with flames (1080p HD)
QANTAS Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation Takeoff with flames Avalon Airshow 2011 - Day 1

Breitling Super Constellation HB-RSC at Sion Air Show 2011
Startup, takeoff, a couple of passes and landing, everything with fire-spitting engines and great sound of course. Really got the shakes on takeoff!

Pure Jet Engine Afterburner Sound "Without Music".
The high pitch whine and hiss you here is caused by the Avpin starter, which is on the front of each engine, this produces a rush of gases, into a primary turbine which winds the engine up to 34% within 9 seconds. By that time fuel is being pumped to the engine and its dragging its own air, a very simple way of starting jet engines in the days before electric starters.The two wheeled trolley under the starboard wing is known as a trolley Ack,it uses 2 12v lorry batteries, this gives us 24V which is the minimum voltage required to run all the pumps, etc prior and during the start of each engine. (28v is the 'peak' voltage) The wire (a 'bigun') runs from the trolley ack to the 'power in' point in the starboard wheel well In the old days walnuts were used to clean the old smokers (jets) - just toss them in with engine on.Explosive devices could also be detonated to get the jet turbine spinning if no AGE equipment was available (eg emergency) This method was sometimes used on older United States jet engines,if anyone has got video of this please put it on YouTube, it sounds like a great thing to see. The only way to describe what it sounded like,well stick a air hose in your ear and pull the trigger,yeah it was awesome and kinda painful,a incredible white noise when near the engine,it was only when I got further away that the jet engine roar was audible. If a merlin engine sounds like Beethoven a jet afterburner sounds like Motorhead LOL!! http://www.lightnings.org.uk/

B 17 Engine Starting Procedures
Geek alert! If you're not a total warplane nerd, this is boring. However, if you are, this is James Kelly, an expert in the B-17 and its powerplants, explaining the standard starting procedure for the B-17.

Lockheed Constellation L749 N749NL Comeback
Fine restored L749 takes to the air. Dutch Aviation Museum Aviodrome's pride goes airborne at EHAM/SPL airport after succesful restoration.

Flying With Arthur Godfrey (1953)
This is the full length movie and I did my best to fix the sound sync. An Eastern Air Lines promo piece with the Lockheed Super Constellation. Click to subscribe! http://bit.ly/subAIRBOYD

DC-3 (C-47) Engine Start
Right, then left engine start of a Douglas C-47 Dakota. Coles County Airport, Mattoon IL.

Starting an old Ideal engine
One cylinder, 27 litres. :) Twostroke diesel.

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