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Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation engine start up

This is the Lockheed C-121C Super Constellation "Connie" VH-EAG operated by the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (http://www.hars.org.au/2009/05/the-connie/) firing up engine number 1 at the 2011 Australian Air Show. This was the closing night, Sunday March 6.


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Eastern Air Lines N836D, Douglas DC-7B.
Built in 1958, and delivered to Eastern Air Lines, during January 1958. In service for only 5 years, before it was sold to the Nomads Flying Club. It was their first airplane. After only 5 years, it was re-sold. Mostly parked for 32 years, before being ferried from dowtown Minneapolis airport in September, of 2004. After a lengthy and thorough restoration, it is almost ready to return to the skies.

Lockheed EC-121 Super Constellation Take-off from Camarillo 1/14/12
Lockheed EC-121T Warning Star Super Constellation (Connie) , AF Serial No. 53-0548 After 15+ years on the ground and a 7 year restoration Effort this Cold War Era United States Air Force airborne early warning radar surveillance (AWACS) aircraft has been cleared by the FAA for a Ferry flight to The Yanks Air Museum Chino, California.

TU-154 RA-85563 Almost Crash! (subtitles)
29 april 2011 at Chkalovsky Airport (military airport base 31 km northeast of Moscow) TU-154 RA-85563 experienced serious trouble right after take-off. The automatic control system (АБСУ) broke down wich caused the pilots to steer the plane using only engines. The plane was made in 1982 and since 2005 never flew. The pilots were ordered to fly the aircraft to Samara for repairs. Luckily the captain Radionov is a very experienced pilot. If not for his skills the plane would definitely crash. The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force Alexander Zelin will award the pilots for their actions. The plane in result got no damage. For subtitles press [cc] button on the bar below the videoscreen. WARNING!!! FOR VERY STUPID IDIOTS THINKING THIS IS A FAKE GO SEE DIFFERENT VIDEOS OF THIS INCIDENT HERE http://www.tfo.su/modules.php?name=News&file=view&news_id=25455

Ju-52 Engine Start
Triebwerkstart der Ju-52 "Tante Ju" auf dem Siegerland Flughafen vor dem Streckenflug nach Kassel.

Démonstration Lockheed L1049 Super Constellation Le Bourget 2011
Démonstration Lockheed L1049 Super Constellation Le Bourget 2011

Qantas 'Connie' Super Constellation Takeoff with flames (1080p HD)
QANTAS Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation Takeoff with flames Avalon Airshow 2011 - Day 1

Lockheed Super Constellation Start-Up & Take Off at Airport Bern-Belp
A legendary Lockheed L-1049F Super Constellation, HB-RSC, visited Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland. Engine start-up with flames and smoke. Flame out while turning on the runway. Close-up take off and great engine sound. The "Super Connie" is still considered the most beautiful aircraft ever built. The elegant dolphin-shaped fuselage and the triple tail design are a feast for the eyes. The distinctive sound of the four powerful 18-cylinder radial engines (Wright R-3350) make the heart of any plane enthusiast beat faster. The screechy brakes might put a smile on the faces of many people. Enjoy the close-up view of the spectacular Super Constellation; a great piece of aviation history or in other words a flying legend! The Swiss watch manufacturer BREITLING is the main sponsor of this classic airliner. Video Editing Software: Final Cut Express and iMovie Camera: Sony VG10 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY matthiashaenni ©

Contra Rotating Spitfire XIX
Griffon powered spitfire with contra rotating props.at the Chino,CA. airshow.

DC-3 Short field landing
This is the proper way to land a DC-3 on a short strip. Nose down to kill all lift and get maximum pressure on the landing gear, apply full brakes, let the tail down gently when the speed drops and you end up with a ground roll of 300 meters. This day there was a five knot crosswind from the left so the wind didn't help much to lower the landing speed.

Extremely short take off Lockheed C-5 Galaxy America's biggest plane
Taxi first then take off at 1:45 so if you don't want to hear the awesome sound of the TF-39s then skip to the take off. C-5 Galaxy is the largest jet engine powered cargo plane to ever come out of the USA. AN-225 vid is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFZ5LqHe92c

C-121C Super Constellation
Super Constellation Flyers, Lockheed C-121C Super Connie (Star of Switzerland) N73544 fires up her engines at Bern airport (Swiss). I was onboard this flight, called bern La- Montanara, flying across the snow capped Swiss Alps. (Date: 23 September 2006)

Corsair startup
You will enjoy this video ONLY if you are really into the mechanics of large WWII era piston aircraft engines. You need high quality sound for this. Nothing like a 2100 horsepower aircraft engine starting up.

Super Constellation Roll-out Lahr 2011
Mit der Breitling DC-3 HB-IRJ zum Roll-out der Breitling Super Constellation in neuen Farben auf dem Schwarzwald-Airport Lahr. SkyNews.ch Video Hansjörg Bürgi

1948 Ford Tudor Super Deluxe V8 Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Tour, and First Drive
This was one of my first few videos on YouTube back in December 2008. I am re-uploading it, combining the previous 2 parts (since I'm a partner now and can go over 10 min) I also edited it and took out some unnecessary clips. This video is very special to me and was filmed probably in 1996 (I think). We were living in florida at the time and my Dad wanted to restore my grandpa's 1948 Ford Coupe Super Deluxe V8. He bought it new and drove it for years, till eventually it was parked in a field after it started having problems, served the family very well over the years. It was a full frame off restoration that took over a year to complete. We sold it right before we moved to north carolina due to lack of storage and means of transport. I was probably about 6 years old in this video and my grand parents were visiting from north carolina at the time. My mom gives a full in depth tour of this american classic, and as you can tell, I apparently got my "reviewing" skills from her haha. My grandpa starts it up and we get an awesome clip of the dual Exhausts, then he takes it for their first time driving it since restoration, you will see me in between my grandma (mamaneen) and grandpa (papa). Like I said this video is very special to me for it's humor, as well as memories of childhood. I hope you guys all enjoy and please thumbs up and comment as you are able =)

Super Constellation Start Engine

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