Street racing on the Berlin Turnpike

9/18/10 11:30 P.M. there were 10+ cops goin down the Turnpike, then 5 mins later 20+ cars came the way the cops just passed then this one cop went that way.

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Platt High School Indoor Track 4x200
1st Place 3rd Heat - First Leg: Anthony D. Second Leg: Joel C. Third Leg, Gaetano Z. Fourth Leg: Micheal B.

Audi S5 with full AWE tuning Exhaust
My Audi S5 4.2 V8 with AWE Track Edition Exhaust, Chrome polished tips and AWE Non Resonated down pipes (6 Speed Automatic)

Platt JV Soccer vs. Newington 2008 Part:2
Platt Vs. Newington at Falcon Field (Meriden, Connecticut) Score: 1-3 PART:2 Season: 2008.

Platt Soccer @ Sage Park against Berlin H.S. 2009 Part: 2
Platt Soccer @ Sage Park against Berlin H.S. Second half, Final score Platt: 0 Berlin: 4.