getting the 1973 plymouth from my neighbors house onto the ramps

Well, only half the engine was running and very poorly at that, but at least I got it onto the ramps lol. Since the video I've rebuilt the carb, changed the master cylinder, changed both front brake calipers and brake pads, changed all of the spark plugs, changed the oil and filter. I have a new cap/rotor/plug wires/fuel pump/coil to still change but it's supposed to rain for the next few days so I will get to it eventually.

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1972 440 Fury Wagon Video Show Car For Sale!
Rare Fury Wagon Special Order Car For Sale! John 301-816-1000

A drive around the yard in the 1973 plymouth fury suburban station wagon
This will probably be one of the last videos of the suburban wagon. This was after I got it all back together, auxiliary gas tank and all. The chevy dually diesel c30 has taken up pretty much of all my spare time getting it ready for inspection (which is finally done). I won't go into the full details on why the car has to leave, but it has to leave. My dreams of the car are done, I will probably never see it on the street, and its sooooooo close of being road ready. If anybody is interested in purchasing the car let me know. My neighbor has the title, its a one owner all numbers matching. He special ordered it from reedman toll. 400ci v8 2 barrel carb.

1974 Plymouth Sport Suburban
This is my 1974 Plymouth taken it for a spin after we rebuilt the carb.

1973 Chevy Impala Station Wagons The Real McCoy
3 examples of the 1973 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon. ~ All are 3-seaters. 2 of them are 454 wagons and one a 400. These are getting pretty rare today due to many factors. Visit to learn more. Created on May 29, 2010 using FlipShare.