getting the 1973 plymouth from my neighbors house onto the ramps

Well, only half the engine was running and very poorly at that, but at least I got it onto the ramps lol. Since the video I've rebuilt the carb, changed the master cylinder, changed both front brake calipers and brake pads, changed all of the spark plugs, changed the oil and filter. I have a new cap/rotor/plug wires/fuel pump/coil to still change but it's supposed to rain for the next few days so I will get to it eventually.

More Videos...

Great Sounding V8 Plymouth Superbird "Petty Replica"
Whilst filming the Exhaust pipe, the owner revved the engine, it was unbelievably loud, ears were ringing afterwards :)

1973 Yellow Plymouth Roadrunner Walkaround
1973 Yellow Plymouth Roadrunner Walkaround This Vehicle was sourced by California Export the leading exporter of Classic and Modern Muscle California Automobiles. E-Mail: Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Our company has been appraising, buying and exporting cars and trucks since 1988. Europe Sweden Norway Latvia Russia Finland Thailand England France Spain Germany Bavaria Switzerland Italy Asia Central South America Australia New Zealand. Rust free cars and trucks from sunny California Oldtimers and Modern American Muscle

1973 Plymouth Fury III Commercial with Arthur Godfrey. Sorry for the poor quality after 13 sec.
This commercial got cut in half, but I've attached a poorer quality remaining half to fill in the blank. It's a shame, the color quality was so good for the first 12 seconds.

1973 Plymouth Fury 400 big block
Fresh 400 big block in the Fury.....needless to say I'm happy