Nippon Challenge Snetterton Race 2 part 2, October 2008

Mk1 MR2 racing in the Nippon Challenge. Car #17 Platinum Batteries Sponsored. Race 2 part 2

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Onboard MX5/Miata Snetterton Race 1, Part 1 VIDEO4 - First of my Race onboards from Snetterton in the Ma5da Racing Series using the new VIDEO4 system from Race Technology (currently in beta testing). Am racing in a Keystone loaned MX5 which I'd not sat in until Quali. Driver is myself Malcolm Edeson, Senior Instructor for Lotus-on-Track and The Racing School. Thanks for CG-Lock for their continued support I was able to attend this race meeting. As well as 2 reces in the Ma5da Racing series I also did 2 races in the Nippon Challenge alongside Mazda RX7, Mitsubishi Evo & FTO, Honda Civic Integra & CRX, Nissan 350Z, Suzuki Swift. It was a full grid of 38 cars. This is Race 1, Part 1 of the Mazda/MR2 race, Part 2, Race 2 and the Nippon Challenge Racing coming very soon and it is awesome footage, lots of spins, crashes and bangs, oversteer, understeer, door-handling. Great Stuff!

Nippon Challenge - Donington June 2014 - Race 1 MR2
Race 1 of the Nippon Challenge at Donington Park, June 2014. Great 3 way battle with Adam Shale (Hyundai) and Colonel Mustarde (Blue MR2) This is my normal camera set up, but I was also running Harry's laptimer video for comparison (also uploaded) the GPS overlay of Harry's is great, but I do like the more engaging cabin view.

Testdrive: Open Diff vs. VLSD (MX5, Miata)
Testfahrten mit offenem Differential und mit einem Viskosediff im direkten Vergleich. Testdrives with open differential and viscous limited slip differential back to back.

Nippon Challenge - Donington June2014 - Mk1 MR2 (AW11) Race 2
Race 2 of the Donington Park Nippon Challenge, combined with Tricolore Trophy. Gareth Newton driving the Ludo McGurk sponsored Toyota MR2 Starting alongside a 206GTi and with a hard charging Col. Mustarde behind in the Blue MR2 I was hoping to get the jump on the Pug. A great 3 way clean race, just not enough speed carried to get past the Pug, but I was able to keep Colonel Mustarde at bay. Blowing Exhaust manifold returned, but lap times stayed there, or thereabouts.