1994 Dodge Dakota Build

This is a little video dedicated to my 1994 Dodge Dakota that I picked up for $500. She was in rough shape, but now she's doing great!!!

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1994 Dodge Dakota Transformation
Starting out as a 3.9L V6 and ending in a V8 408 Stroker. - Stroker Kit from Scat -Comp Cam Valve Springs, Valve Locks, Retainers, and Cam -Stock Heads and Intake Manifold

1994 custom 360 dakota
1994 custom 360 dakota

1989 dodge dakota complete restoration
this is my first truck I bought in summer 2008, it was not very clean when buying, but me and my father had decided to have restored, and I sold in July 2009...fors $2000 :(

My Dodge Dakota New Paint Job & Performance Upgrades
I know I havent done a truck video in awhile as been a busy years racing and upgrading parts on the truck here is a video showing the changes I have made. In April / May I had upgrated the top end of the engine with new heads, intake, throttle body and bigger headers, later in the summer it got some fresh paint.