VTX 1300 Valve Adjustment NSR Tech.wmv

This Video covers get at and prefom instpection on the valves on a 1300 vtx all models and all years. We have more tech videos at Northstarriders feel free to come take a look

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How To: Honda VTX 1300 Carburetor Cleaning Part 1
How To: Honda VTX 1300 carburetor cleaning. This VTX had starting and idle issues,Typical symptoms of a dirty and clogged carburetor. This customer's Honda would not stay running unless the choke was set between half to full choke. Cleaned jets and adjust air screw. Runs like new.

VTX1300 Pair Valve Mod
** GET YOUR PLATES HERE! ** https://www.goheencycles.com/pair-valve-plates This is a video of the Pair Valve mod for the VTX1300. This is also the same process for the 1800 with some slight mods to this process. For more information and great how to videos go to www.goheencycles.com

VTX1300 Coolant Change
How to change the coolant for a Honda VTX1300 Another great source of information is VTXCafe.com site Service Manual Down Load link: http://www.vtxcafe.com/showthread.php/3614-VTX-1300S-Service-Manual-downloa d Answers to Common Questons (for VTX1300): http://www.vtxcafe.com/showthread.php/21645-Answers-to-Common-Questions

VTX Engine Noise.wmv
Honda VTX 1300 Engine Noise / Tick