NobuAoki DRIFT 進入ドリフト 隼 HAYABUSA GSX-R1300

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2011年9月にオートポリスで行われた、MFJ全日 本ロードレース選手権第6戦での1コーナーへの進入を 再編集したものです。

Suzuki Hayabusa
Leben im Überfluss ist das Motto der Suzuki Hayabusa beim Alpenmasters 2008. Ob Überfluss zum Sieg langt, lesen Sie unter

Drifting a 240Hp Suzuki Hayabusa
Facebook : Their mission in life? Blazing rubber and riding their bikes hard as hell. And after they've had their fun, take things to the next level of course by super charging these deadly machines of beauty. Is it normal that I got tears of joy watching this video? I would love to see how many people go try to ride their bikes like this now. Please put a cage on it, before you do and make sure you wear your helmet! Watch below as these hooligans drift these INSANE High Powered bikes at high speeds and make sure you share on the Speed Society Facebook page so others can see the post as well. Facebook is changing things daily making it harder for us to get you sick car / speed related content.

90年式 GSX-R750 朝錬 54歳.
90年式 GSX-R750 朝錬 54歳