★Mitsubishi Lancer OZ (VS) Dodge Avenger

Lancer- Short ram Intake, Headers, 3'' Exhaust. Avenger- Stock Enjoy the race!

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Dodge Avenger 2013 sxt 3.6L penstar 0-60
My 2013 Dodge Avenger tuned with DiabloSport intune DCX tool . This is a completely stock vehicle the only thing I did was use the 87 octane performance tool, disabled the traction control/abs system and skid control... and inputed the porper tire size...its a beast i lost it at 50 mph and the car shen sideways...if you time it i went from 0-50 in about 2.51 seconds before i lost control

V6 avenger vs 5.0 mustang pt. 2
I almost dropped my phone out the window sorry for that part.

dodge avenger top speed
2013 dodge avenger 3.6 pentastar v6 ,glass pack muffler no resonator. decided to do a top speed run,,also look at my video of my hemi 300c top speed on my page

Avenger messing with a v-6 mustang
Little highway run vs a stock v-6 nutstain. DON'T LAUGH...