BG Drag Racing Golf 2 - 900 HP vs Audi 80 - 750 HP.wmv

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Kondofrey Drag Challenge 2012 1st Round presented by

Drag Racing at Bozhurishte Track 2007 Part 1
Final, 4th round of the national drag racing championship of Bulgaria at Bozhurishte track, 03.11.2007. Part 1 of 3.

DRAGPOWER GOLF 9.542" @ 402M // Kondofrey Drag Challenge
This is the most outrageous sleeper car in Bulgaria! It holds officially the fastest time for the street legal class when in a previous race it made an unbelievable pass, crossing the finish line with time 9.427" @ 400 meters! Watch the above video from the kondofrey drag challenge taken place in 20th of October 2013. The video shows the times of the car achieved from slowest to fastest and not according to the time taken place of that day. Four passes are shown: 9.850", 9.750", 9.630", and 9.542". Tuner: DRAGPOWER. Drag Power is a Bulgarian company specialised in performance tuning, street and race car preparation for drag, tracks, hill climb and rally. ▶ Watch another video here: ▶ Visit our partners: ▶ ▶ Race organizer: Urban performance garage ▶ Autokinisimag: The magazine that changed everything in the world of acceleration across Greece! Come on! Check the channel: ▶ ▶ SUBSCRIBE!! CLICK BELOW: Facebook pages: ▶ ▶ Official websites: ▶ The magazine that enacted the modern RWYB rules in Greece. Official dedicated websites: ▶ http://www.TETRAKOSARI.GR/ "Kondofrey drag challenge" is a dragster race in Bulgaria in Sofia West Airport. This was the forth race that was held in that airport. Autokinisimag wants to thank "UPG" who was the organizer of the race and invited us to cover the whole weekend.

16Vampir in Bitburg 19.09.09 10,85s @ 218kmh MK2 FWD 579HP
16Vampir in Bitburg 19.09.2009 mit seinem Golf 2 FWD 1,8l 16V KR turbo. 2,3bar 579Ps und 533Nm mit GT3582R turbolader.