Tjin Edition Chevy Cruze | PHOTO M.D.

Wheel Specs: Rotiform TMB 19x8.5 and 19x9.5 on 215/35 and 225/35/19. Rotiform does not release the offsets but the lip sizes are 3" and 3.5". Coilovers: Pedders Bodykit: 3D Carbon Paint: Dupont Vinyl: Wraptivo Lights: LED Light Wurkz Photo M.D. DaYUUM Tjin Edition UTI Youtube Vimeo Special Thanks to RJ from CarsXHype for help shooting. Soundtrack: Instrumental Core - The Last Mistake

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Scrape Yard Vlog-ish 6: Bagged Chevy Cruze Shoot
Yeah you read the title correctly. We met up with Jesse and shot his bagged Chevy Cruze. Locally we can say that there is nothing else like this in town. The modifications and fab he did to make it work and achieve the fitment he's currently sitting on is a pretty cool story too. jamz: Messiah - Lovely FTSE - Consoom Instagrams: @scrapeyard @yakeyiehl @tman52 @cmunsterman

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Eddie's Stanced 2012 Chevy Cruze
I'm working on making better videos. This is an old video I finally finished. Enjoy!