8 second Chevelle smokes Camaro

8 second Chevelle smokes Camaro

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SS Shaun Chevelle vs. Big Matt Camaro - $1,000 RACE
SS Shaun Chevelle vs. Big Matt Camaro - $1,000 RACE Chevelle - Built LSX with D1 ProCharger on 20" rims Camaro - Built LS1, Heads, Cam, D1 ProCharger, Meth injection, Nitrous, VHT & Tires Matt didn't want to give up the money at first even though he lost then finally paid up! SS SHAUN FTW!!! BY A FEW CARS!

70 chevelle vs 69 camaro
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8 Second Chevelle Infineon Raceway Labor Day Bracket Drags
Quest for the 8's. This was a series of 8 second passes we made at Infineon Raceway on Labor Day 8/5/09. We had been battling severe tire shake in a quest for the 8's. We took 4 degrees of timing out of the engine over the entire RPM range and it enabled the car to get up on the tire. The car clocked its fastest 60 ft time to date 1.234. Not only did we make back to back 8 second passes but we dialed an 8.90 an ran an 8.90 and also a 8.89. We were very pleased with the results of the weekend. The Governors Cup is next week at Sacramento Raceway Park. Were looking for the 8.70's. We'll post the results. Thanks For Watching Donovan Ford