76 Chevy Nova SS

Street driven straight motor on a so so pass

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76 chevy nova weeeeeeee!!!
1976 Chevy nova with a 406 sbc....fun to drive...WEEEEEEEE!

Chevy Nova vs Nissan Skyline R32
Mikey No No in the Chevy Nova vs Nissan Skyline R32 Import vs American Muscle Nova is N/A NO BOTTLE!!! don't know the specs because the owner doesn't want people to know VS Nissan Skyline GTS w/ RB26 swap and AWD conversion, Single turbo on small N2O hit (car ran 10.2 the next day at the track on just Boost)

Engine Replacement on a 76 Nova Lucio's Automotive Center San Antonio, Texas
Lucio's Automotive Center replaced the engine on a 1976 Nova and placed this sweet brand spankin' new 383 Stroker engine. The owner gets a taste of the power peeling out in the front of our shop. Then another car enthusiast gets excited and peels out himself at the end of the video!~ Cheers! Song Gasoline by Age of Reason.

1976 Chevy Nova - Great American Classics
1976 Chevy Nova