Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer Drag Race SMORR 2012

Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer Drag Race SMORR 2012

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Ford Explorer Tough Truck Race
Tough Trucks, also known as Tuff Trucks, Rough Trucks, Pro Arena Trucks and, Street Warriors, are off-road truck competitions held at 4x4 truck jamborees, fairs, and monster truck events. Tough Truck competitions are a downsized form of short course offroad racing. They are run as a side act at most monster truck shows. The tracks can range from as big as a football field, to as small as a hockey rink. Most track set ups consist of of double jumps, single jumps, uneven rocker hills, and kicker ramps. Some competitions are run as a single pass time trial, or side by side racing. Wrench Moran If you liked this video please click that subscribe button. I'm always covering different motor sports events, and always have new videos. Find me in these places- My YouTube Channel! Find me on Facebook! Find me on Twitter! Tractor Pulling on Facebook Rough Truck on Facebook For business inquiries please contact me via email at If you have a motor sports or gun related event close to central Ohio you want on YouTube let me know!

2002-2005 Ford Explorer Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement
This is the only bearing I trust and use- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0042HK0TI&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=34 IZDXRPACIHGDUE This is the Blue Loctite I use in the video- creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0002UEMZ2&linkCode=as2&tag=fordt-20&linkId=RB 7NFMRXKYHVL5UH Use Blue Medium Strength Locitie on all Fasteners Torque Specs- Wheel Lug Nuts- 100 ft lbs Lower Arm to Knuckle Bolt- 111 ft lbs Upper Arm & Toe Link Nuts- 66 ft lbs Toe Link to Rear Crossmember Nut- 66 ft lbs Axle Nut- 203 ft lbs Caliper Bolts- 24 ft lbs New R/C Channel R/C Addict Makuloco- Facebook- Ford Tech Makuloco- R/C Addict Makuloco-

LUND RACING TUNED 2013 Explorer Sport 13.0 @105.9
Once the truck hooks a little better, it will be into the 12s easily. Drove it right into the staging lanes after a 45 minute drive. More to come soon !

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