Mopar or No Car! The Original Video - SLANT 6

Mopars and very attractive women.....Mopars Kicking ASS! What more can you ask for?! If you like what you hear, come and visit me at CDBaby! Just type in Slant 6 Mopar or No Car! You can also get this on iTunes and all the streaming services. Now for some reason, I got flagged to adults only...which is weird, because you can view this video on a bunch of other peoples channels. You can find this video in "unedited" version as well. I put up another version of this with a different scene in place of the big burnout in the middle. I think you will enjoy it. ALSO, go check out MOPAR or NO CAR, PART 2 on Youtube. New album is on CDBaby and new Mopar songs! One is titled Red Light. It's about driving my 69 Coronet R/T back in the day. In case anyone is curious, yes, I've owned tons of Mopar products! There is a SRT4 in my driveway right now. I've had Coronet R/T's, Challenger RT, Demon's, 300's, SRT8's, I love em all! And I have no problem with other cool Musclecars. I even own a Buick with a V6 that is fairly quick......However....I loves me Mother Mopar! I'm back in the old school! I have a "NEW" 70 Coronet R/T! Burnt Orange/White interior numbers matching, bla bla bla bla!!! Update! I sold it to a real cool guy in Florida, whose Dad had the exact same looking one back in the day. Meantime....I found one of my old cars I owned back in the late 80's! An extremely rare 71 numbers matching, real deal Shaker Hood Challenger! I bought it from the original owner and all these years later got it back with less than 4K more miles put on it!

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Based on over 2 million hits and requests for more.... MOPAR... Slant 6 has heard you and has written this NEW song and created this NEW Video. But WAIT! There's more! (Always wanted to say that). The New album is for sale on CDBaby, iTunes, and can be streamed everywhere! Hot Girls and Hot Cars! Again....what more can you ask for?! You're going to love the vintage racing and some of the older school as well as the new Mopars who are keeping the scene alive.

Mopar or No Car, Slant 6, (with new scenes)
For those millions of you who have seen the standard version, here is the optional video with bonus footage in the middle of the video. Music available on CDBaby, iTunes, and streaming everywhere!

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