Jim Rome - Corvette Guy

http://www.BurnMonkeyBurn.com - Romey tells his classic story of "Corvette Guy" getting up on him, gesturing signs, ready to go, feeling it. We all know this guy, bald, boney tail, aqua velva wearing, tight jeans, gold chains, man perm. circra June, 2006.

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Jim Rome Show - Likes to Fight Guy
JimRome.com Facebook.com/JimRome Twitter.com/JimRome

Jim Rome - Golf Guy
Rome goes off on Golf Guy ranking him up with "Softball Guy", "NCAA Bracket Guy" and "likes to fight guy". (aired sometime in 2008) "Go away golf guy and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy the game." http://www.BurnMonkeyBurn.com

Jim Rome's take on Gym Guy
Here's Romey's Gym Guy take from the Feb 25 2009 show. Enjoy! So true and so funny.. .poor Gym guy. http://www.BurnMonkeyBurn.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/BurnMonkeyBurn

Jim Rome - The guy behind you that hits the horn..
The guy behind you that hits the horn 1 ms after the light goes green