Team T.O.S SRT-4 손영웅 slowing coming to life part 2 (test Drive)

Cars coming to life, Continuation from Part 1 Test Drive

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Team T.O.S SRT-4 손영웅 slowing coming to life part 3 (test Drive)
Part 3 video turbo Negro SRT4 coming to life.

Team T.O.S SRT-4 손영웅 slowing coming to life Part 1
손영웅 is rebuilting his car from the inside and out and here is a update

Team T.O.S Srt 4 stage 3 Dyno pulls one and two.Part 1 of 2
here are video of two of four Dyno pulls at pete shop on the Dynojet. first pull 318 and torue is 315 second pull 315 and torque is 318 the atmosphere is different in florida is different from quebec so maybe that why i am down in WHP AND WTQ"i am going with that as for the lost in power"maybe that can be the case

Konig Wheels Lace - Performance Plus Wheel and Tire Review
Glenn goes over the features and style of the Konig Lace - a modern take on a mesh style wheel by Konig Wheels. Available in black with machined spokes, the Lace comes from 15 to 20 inches, and comes staggered in 18, 19 and 20 inch diameters for all the latest cars. Sizes and Prices for the Konig Lace is available on our site, and even a vehicle configurator so you can see it on your car! k-rim-with-machined-spokes We can make a wheel and tire package using almost any tire - and guarantee our fitments! See the wheels on your car now by following the link above and clicking on "Virtual Wheels" button. We offer free shipping within the continental US!