Mark Webber and Infiniti rock Rockingham

Mark Webber blows through the track in an Infiniti M37 Sport, while his passengers experience the thrill in wet and dry conditions.

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2013 QX - Infiniti Connection™ (if so equipped)
If your vehicle is equipped with Infiniti Connection™, you can access a wide variety of services and information by connecting to the Infiniti Connection Data Center. Available services include the Infiniti Personal Assistant, which can send destination information directly to your vehicle. To access Infiniti Personal Assistant, select "Connect to Voice Menu" from the Infiniti Connection menu. At the voice prompt, say "Infiniti Personal Assistant" to be connected. To send destination information directly to your vehicle go to the Infiniti Connection menu and select "Sync All Information Feeds." Then go to the feeds menu page and download the desired destination information. In case of air bag deployment, Automatic Collision Notification sends a signal containing the vehicle location and customer information to the proper authorities in accordance with established policies and procedures. The Emergency Call feature, if so equipped, can provide emergency assistance by connecting you to an Infiniti Connection Specialist. In the case of an emergency, press the Telematics SOS button. A Response Specialist will provide assistance based on your situation. Enhanced Roadside Assistance, if so equipped, can be accessed by touching IVR or Interactive Voice Response soft button on the navigation screen or by pressing the SOS button. This service allows subscribers to receive assistance for non-emergency events such as towing or a third-party response. If needed, Roadside Assistance may also be used in conjunction with the Emergency Assistance service by pressing the SOS button. You can access your personal online Google Calendar™, with the My Schedule feature. You can hear details read via text-to-speech and select locations as a destination via the navigation system. You can report a stolen vehicle. A Response Specialist will attempt to obtain the location of a reported stolen vehicle and provide that information to local law enforcement agencies to assist in the recovery of your vehicle. To remotely lock or unlock your doors, you can access your vehicle through an Infiniti Connection Response Specialist or our designated website. The Alarm Notification feature will alert you when the factory installed vehicle alarm system has been activated. The Scheduled Maintenance Notification feature provides you with scheduled maintenance notifications based on mileage data provided by your vehicle. Maintenance Alert notifies you of a vehicle system malfunction that triggers instrument panel warning lights. With Destination Assistance, you can receive point-of-interest information through a guided Interactive Voice Response, a Response Specialist or the Infiniti Connection web portal. You can find and download point-of interest information from GoogleMaps™ using the Destination Send-to Vehicle feature. To conduct a point-of-interest search within a certain distance of the vehicle's location, use the Connected Search feature. The Drive Zone feature allows you to monitor the movement of your vehicle within a specified region. You can set up boundaries in the Monitoring section of the Infiniti Connection web portal. With Max Speed Alert you can set up a maximum speed on the Infiniti Connection web portal and receive notifications if your vehicle exceeds that maximum speed setting. Mobile Information Service, if so equipped, allows you to receive the latest news headlines, stock quotes and sports scores by setting up preferences on the Mobile Information Service page on the Infiniti Connection web portal. And finally, Valet Alert notifies you if the vehicle moves outside a 0.2 mile radius of the location set on the Infiniti Connection website. To activate alerts, press the "Connect to Voice Menu" button on the Infiniti Connection screen or touch the key on the map screen. At the prompt, say "Valet Alert" and then "Activate" or "Deactivate." Infiniti Connection™ is only available on vehicles equipped with optional Infiniti Connection™ subscription service. For more details on the Infiniti Connection service, terms and conditions, please visit or call 1-800-334-7858.

Infiniti Performance Line G Coupe: 360° Test Drive
Introducing the IPL G Coupe, the very first production vehicle from the Infiniti Performance Line group. Join former IndyCar driver Scott Goodyear as he puts the IPL G Coupe to the test. Featuring walkaround, road drive and closed course driving segments.

Infiniti 4-Wheel Active Steer
By actively turning all four wheels as you steer, 4-Wheel Active Steer elevates handling and the very experience of each corner. The system adjusts steering angle and ratio to vehicle speed, creating a more responsive and fluid sense of control. With natural low-speed feel, responsive mid-speed turn-in, and precise high-speed stability, 4-Wheel Active Steer makes cornering gracefully easy.

Infiniti Q50 – Blind Spot Intervention®
An Infiniti world’s first technology helps you sense beyond what you see, allowing you to avoid cars in your blind spot. Become more aware and capable at blind-spot-intervention.