Mark Webber and Infiniti rock Rockingham

Mark Webber blows through the track in an Infiniti M37 Sport, while his passengers experience the thrill in wet and dry conditions.

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Sebastian Vettel plays with the Infiniti M37 on the future circuit Sochi.

Mark pushes an Infiniti to its limits at Rockingham
Mark takes a journalist around Rockingham during a PR day for Infiniti

David Coulthard doing the hot laps onboard the Infiniti M37, Singapore 2011
David Coulthard doing the hot laps for potential buyers of the Inifiniti Nissan M37. It was awesome watching a meek Japanese Sedan turned into a potent race car.

Fifth Gear Web TV - Infiniti M37 Road Test
Vicki tests out the new M37 from Infiniti -- an executive saloon car that comes with the same powerful V6 engine as Nissan's 370z; and such luxurious gadgets as a Sat Nav that can find Michelin-starred restaurants and an air con system that breathes woodland fragrances into the cabin. But is this funny looking saloon car really a match for proven German rivals? For more videos, news and reviews go to