VE SS UTE vs FPV F6 FG both cars stock quarter mile

Both cars vs each other at WSID

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FPV F6 Roll ons Queensland Raceway - Turbo Falcon vs HSV MAZDA VL TURBO
Wide Variety of cars here ! FPV F6 Incar.

Holden VE SSV VS Ford FG Turbo
MafiZed's Cage mobile SSV 320rwkw Don't forget to subscribe to the channel 50+ videos CARS/BIKES/DRAGS/CIRCUIT/HOOLIGANSHIT FACEBOOK! Smash that like button! Just a usual quiet drive home, this always happens.. dunno why? Cammed SS-V (232) with a 3.9 diff plus your usual bolt on's to go along with it. FG turbo had me due to traction problems in 2nd but given time i'll eventually claw it back. Still a good run either way but a shame he backs off every time after 3rd which means we only hit 80kmph.

Fpv Typhoon vs Hsv R8
F6 typhoon vs HSV r8. This is for all you V8 lovers... ;) Friday cruise night...!

Top Gear Australia Ford FPV F6 vs Holden HSV Clubsport