Cobra vs Cobra vs Cobra vs GT500 vs Z06 STREET RACING

The NE/IA SVT Cruise always turns into some fun later in the afternoon, watch as the bad muscle cars battle it out on he streets, lots of really good, close races.

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700hp NA C6 Corvette Z06 vs 700hp Ford Mustang GT500
***This video was made in CGI utilizing advanced graphic and motion animation design tools and to achieve such a real look and representation of what would happen in a street race between a C6 Z06 Covette and a Gt500 Mustang on the Street!*** Close racing between 700hp C6 Z06 vs 700hp GT500 ON THE STREET!

1300hp TT Cobra vs ZR-1 Corvette
TX Streets DVD RELEASED - OK, little bit of false advertising... this insane Cobra put down 1337whp at 30psi, he had it turned down to 740hp at 14psi for these passes, this thing is a MONSTER! It just got finished and they're working on suspension, tires, etc next to get her to hook up!

Crazy Drivers in Traffic - MUST SEE!! #2
Insane Driving Skills Compilation, Wold's most stupid drivers, crazy driving fails and wins EVER. This video is the most amazing compilation of illegal street cars and motorcycles fast driving clips. Amazing highway racing, drifting fails, racing crashes, race video, road racing, super car idiots, racing fails, fast driving fails, amazing driving skills, cops vs cars, police chase vs motorcycle, Insane Hi-Speed Motorcycle Wheelie. Cars on this video; Bmw m3, mercedes amg series, wolksvagen, volvo, mazda, honda, suzuki, lamborghin, ferrari, super cars. Do not FORGET TO SUBCRIBE :

ZR1 vs Viper and GT500 - All American Battle
ZR1- Bone stock Viper- Doug Levin Supercharged, full bolt-on GT500-Full bolt-on tune headers pulley cai heat exchanger An All American Battle!