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Basic Suspension Setup On A Motorcycle Setup&utm_campaign=Youtubevideos Suspension Setup is the first step after getting a new motorcycle. Having the correct settings for the rider and the bike will help both the bike and the rider be faster and smoother. Rob from Race Tech goes over the basics of setting up a new bike starting with setting the sag. He also explains how to adjust the rebound and compression clickers both on the forks and the shock. Rob also covers what each adjustment does and why you would need or want to make adjustments. If you're dirt bike suspension needs maintenance you can find both OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories specific to your machine at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We also carry all the tools needs to maintain and adjust your suspension to have it working perfectly for your on each ride. Check out our website Setup&utm_campaign=Youtubevideos Click Here To Subscribe!

How to tell if your reed valves are bad
Many newer 2-stroke scooter motors have reed valve. Reeds will wear out over time. If your scooter has a hard time starting or has a hard time idling, you may need to inspect your reed valves. Here is the procedure. Please subscribe to our channel.

DIY: Fork Seals Made Easy!
Dr. Dirt's Step-By-Step Fork Seal Swap. Leaky fork seals are, for lack of a better description, a royal pain in the neck. The most common ailment to plague front suspension, a leaky fork seal can ruin your day by affecting your bike's handling, covering your front brake pads in oil and generally just making a total mess of things. Most of the time a leaky fork seal is the result of dirt inside of the seal, but it can also be caused by a nick or ding in the fork tube from an impact with a rock or stick. But no matter what the cause, a weeping fork seal needs to be fixed, and oftentimes that means tearing into the suspension and changing the seal out. Fortunately, this isn't as difficult as you may think. Dirt Rider tech guru Scot Gustafson (the man behind the Dr. Dirt tech stories here on insists that changing afork seal is easy enough for most riders to do in their own garage. To help prove his point, we filmed Scot changing a fork seal in the Dirt Rider tech center and explaining step-by-step how he completes this job. You might want to bookmark this video for reference because someday, no matter if you ride motocross or off-road, you're going to need to address this issue! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email Dr. Dirt at, subject: Dr. Dirt. Enjoy! Read more:

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