My 600hp VORTECH Jeep SRT8! Ultimate street vehicle!!! AWD baby!

My 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee daily driver....ultimate street racer....all wheel drive....600hp 580tq....0-60 in 3.5 seconds, 0-100 in 8 seconds...... All that with a comfy luxury interior....dvd, nav, internal hard drive, front and rear heated seats, back up camera, rain sensing wipers, back up sensors, tilting HID head lights, and all the other custom work i've done to it!!! Next up: Carbon Fiber cowl hood, methanol injection, pillar gauges, heads/cam/headers, roll cage, and more stay tuned for more videos

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LOUD JEEP SRT8 Snow Drift w/dual views
Jeep SRT8 Snow Drift Video: @canadian_350z and @Exhausts_daily

Twin Turbo Jeep Destroys Twin Turbo Lamborghini 🏁
Meet the owner behind the mask-- @Srt_Dino talks about his Twin turbo WK1 Jeep and how his need for speed and power developed.

SRT-8 in the snow
SRT-8 in the snow

Sickest 1000hp+ JEEP SRT8 in the WORLD!!! Daily Driven!!!
Paul Moore + Jeep Srt8 = MONSTER..... I dream of 9's! Should I turn up the Boost some?....then Nitrous someday? Hmmmmmm