Dolls House Fire

Dolls house burns to the ground. Let me be clear on something here. This never belonged to a little girl, wasn't worth shit and was basically broken. It barely survived being moved to the garden. So no I couldn't have sold it, or donated it little Sally the Cancer Patient Orphan. So enough with the self-righteous comments already.

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Bowling Green Ave Dwelling Fire 2/26/14 Morrisville, PA.
Engine 98 arrived on scene reporting heavy fire showing second floor of a single family dwelling. Chief 30 set up Morrisville command and placed all hands in service.

Popsicle Dollhouse Burns to the Ground
We had this old homemade Popsicle house that had been sitting in the corner for a few years and decided we might as well have some fun with it... Here are the results.

Collapsing floor by filling room with water
Is it possible to fill a whole room with water?

Doll House Fire
Do Not Attempt Anything You See In This Video Yourself. Witness the devastating fire that destroyed a three story doll house.