Dolls House Fire

Dolls house burns to the ground. Let me be clear on something here. This never belonged to a little girl, wasn't worth shit and was basically broken. It barely survived being moved to the garden. So no I couldn't have sold it, or donated it little Sally the Cancer Patient Orphan. So enough with the self-righteous comments already.

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Bowling Green Ave Dwelling Fire 2/26/14 Morrisville, PA.
Engine 98 arrived on scene reporting heavy fire showing second floor of a single family dwelling. Chief 30 set up Morrisville command and placed all hands in service.

Lego Coronation Street- Victoria Court Fire | yehitsjack
To see how I make my videos, click here... When Toxic Tracy Barlow finds out that's Carla has ruined her chances of getting the pub, she is intent on revenge. She waits till the lights go off in her flat and then breaks in and lights a candle. She is startled to find Carla sleeping on the sofa. She walks to leave but stops to look at a picture of Rob, putting the candle down next to the lampshade. Then she decides to make her revenge, gets Carla's trophy and hovers it over her head, about to bludgeon Carla. But she hears the toilet flush and quickly scarpers, not knowing that the lampshade was burning or that her daughter Amy was sleeping in her bedroom. Soon, Leanne walks past Victoria Court and sees an orange glow coming from Carla's flat. She tries to get in as Carla wakes to find her table on fire and calls for Amy. Leanne rushes upstairs and tries to get into the flat, but it is locked. She eventually knocks it down with a fire extinguisher, and rescues Carla from the flat. Kal and Roy see them leaving the building and Carla tells them that Amy's still inside. Leanne quickly runs to the door as Kal follows. They find Amy and persuade her to leave the bedroom. Tracy finds out that her daughter is in there and her screams can be heard from the flat above. The trio plan to make there escape through the door but as they leave, the ceiling collapses and the door is blocked. They are trapped. Kal sees a way out via the balcony and they all climb out onto it. Amy climbs down a ladder after much persuading and Leanne starts to make her way down too. She agrees to marry Kal, who is still on the balcony, as the residents take cover. Kal runs back into the flat, just as a massive explosion rips through the whole building. Follow my Instagram- and my Twitter- Thanks for watching and please like, comment and subscribe if you liked this and want to see more! Copyright goes to ITV

The Last Dance Doll House Full Burn Footage
from the music video for the Limousines song The Last Dance - This is the uncut footage of the lighting, burning and extinguishing of the miniature disaster, provided for the satisfaction of my pyro friends. Filmed by Brandon Van Auken and Frank Door, house built and burnt by Eric Victorino.

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