XRS 2005 (magnaflow muffler and cosmo racing sri)

Toyota Matrix 2005 XRS (2zz-ge) Short Ram Cosmo Racing Muffler Universal Magnaflow (11265) worth every penny! Quebec, Sherbrooke Je parle francais.

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05 Matrix Xr with Magnaflow muffler to straight pipe to dual tips.
Removed stock resonator, replaced with new Magnaflow muffler right after the cat. Then installed all new piping all the way to the back to y-pipe to dual Exhaust Magnaflow tips.

2003 toyota matrix xrs with skunk2 axle back exhaust
Sound clip of skunk2 mega power axle-back Exhaust on my 2003 toyota matrix xrs

2003 Toyota Matrix XRS No Resonator
Magnaflow Exhaust with 2.25" piping and 4" tip! With and without resonator, enjoy!

Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust 2007 Pontiac Vibe Toyota Matrix
Exhause rev clip of my Vibe. Has been on for 3 years, holding up very nicely and sounds great. Part Number 15759 L4 1.8L 5 x 8 x 18in. Muffler, 4 x 14in. Resonator; 2.25in. Tubing; 4.0in. Polished Stainless Tip; SINGLE REAR EXIT http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/shopexd.asp?zone=all&id=10084