Kimi Raikkonen & Michael Schumacher Fiat AD

Michael Schumacher And Kimi Raikkonen In A Fiat Bravo T-Jet Advertisment

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Kimi Räikkönen & Michael Scumacher - Omnitel (Funny)
Michael učí kimiho vyhrávat....

Michael Schumacher's last lap with Ferrari
Michael Schumacher's last lap with Ferrari

Imola 2003 - Michael Schumacher most emotional race
San Marino Grand Prix - Imola 2003, hours before the race Michael Schumacher is notified that his mother died. In total despair Michael decided to go on and professionally do what his mother would have loved from him to do, win that grand prix, Ralf Schumacher too! They raced for her and Michael did won it and won it for her. I remember coming home from outside to watch the race, i never missed Schumacher race and i was only 13 then, having my father there with a cousin, preparing to watch this race and it was that moment before the start that we acknowledged what has happened. Till this day i believe it was cancer. That was told after all on the TV. And we debated on whether he was able to drive or why others from FIA allow him to? He was broken. I remember myself saying - he is the greatest and he will pull this off! It's hard to lose your mother, there are no comfort words, so it must have been very hard for him, or having to accept that fact that he is not beside her in those moments but instead doing what he was destined to do, to win those races to prove the World he is the best and prove it to us, but what was not hard for him was to win this race again in full rage! Only he could pull something like that. Till this day i clearly remember the way my cousin watched that race and applauded to Michael after winning it, the driver he literally hated at the time! That day Michael won not only the race but also the love and appreciation of many. I remember every detail of that day. How sunny that day was and how i happy was because, it was F1 weekend but it was a really sad sad to see him so crashed. My childhood idol. The song is "30 seconds to Mars - Alibi" I hope you will enjoy the video! Don't forget to subscribe for more videos! Facebook: Twitter:

Michael Schumacher Bacardi Ad (as seen on Top Gear)
This is the whole Bacardi Ad shown on Top Gear during Jeremy Clarkson's interview of Michael Schumacher. Thank you to London23red for giving permission to uploading.