BMW A Driving Obsession

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mario vs samus 3
Online / With Anyone (For Glory) / 1-on-1 Garden of Hope (Ω Form) Mario, Samus

Stong link 2
Online / With Anyone (For Glory) / 1-on-1 Mario Circuit (Ω Form) Mario, Link

mario vs samus 5
Online / With Anyone (For Glory) / 1-on-1 Pyrosphere (Ω Form) Mario, Samus

Tom Clancy's The Division - Solo DZ06 Dark Zone extraction
My gear is pretty average so i couldnt take those guys head-on . I spent a bit of time scoping out the building before find a better vantage point. Skip to 3:30 if you dont care for the mindless running around. I should have had my mic on but oh well. This is the hardest extraction point in the game and i got lucky more guys didn't spawn in.