huge bathurst crash

massive t-bone

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Bathurst 1000 Crashes: 2005-2014
Crashes throughout the history of the Bathurst 1000. This video shows the accidents from 2005-2014. Clips are from and various YouTube clips.

mark porters fatal crash
this is the race that killed mark porter

Lowndes and Bowe crash
Lowndes and Bowe have massive crashes individually in the 1996 Championship

Mark Skaife FIRED UP !!
Mark Skaife and Russell Ingall have a classic argument on V8 Superstars in Melbourne in 2005. 2 great characters of the sport. Skaife has won everything there is to win in V8 Supercar / touring car racing in Australia and Russell Ingall had played the bridesmaid role many times until he finally took the 2005 title just weeks after this episode of V8 Superstars.