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trucking for kids 2012 freightliner 8v92ta drag racing against a GMC jimmy with 671 detroit

Our friend Kevin drag racing his Freightliner cabover against a real cool GMC jimmy powered with a 671 Detroit. View rate and comment. Thanks for watching.


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Freightliner cabover with Detroit 12v71
My friends freightliner big cab repowered with a Detroit 12v71. View, rate and comment.

TEASER! mid 80's Freightliner cabover
Freightliner cabover tricked out. Big horse cummins with pittsburgh power equipment. Straight 6 inch stacks but sorry no jake brake as of yet. To be installed though!

trucking for kids 2012 freightliner 8v92ta drag racing against our 1961 KW rat rod
My brother Oscar in his l my 1961 rat rod KW drag racing against our friend Kevin in his Freigtliner cabover powered with a Detroit 8v92ta.View rate and comment. Thanks for watching.

1979 Peterbilt 359 3408 Caterpillar
This is a 1979 359 extended hood we recently bought and sold.

Freightliner Argosy Year 2000 CAT C12 13 Speed Complete Custom Built 10" Pipes

Smokin' Gun Diesel Drag Race Truck, huge burnout! June 2009 Calgary
CanadaMotorSports Huge burnout and a pretty decent 1/4 mile pass for a full size former highway transport truck. Smokin' Gun is Twin turbo, Supercharged, and InterCharged Detroit Diesel 8V92 1968 Kenworth drag truck. Just in case that isn't enough power, there's also a 1200 hp shot of Nitrous Oxide to give it that extra kick. It makes 3100 hp to move 9500 lbs down the 1/4 mile in less than 12.5 seconds, and through the traps at over 120 mph! This pass is a 12.91 103.35 MPH pass at Race City... not bad! copyright 2011 AVS Inc

8V92 Detroit Diesel Powered 1984 Freightliner Arriving At TFK
The sound of this straight-piped Detroit powered truck had me hustling for the sign-in table! I was deep in the show area looking at other trucks when I heard this guy Jake Brakin' on the road that leads into the show. My ears told me 2-stroke Detroit Diesel and all my eyes could see over the wall was awesome old Freightliner cab-over. The race was on! Though I didn't actually run, it was a pretty quick walk to be there as he signed-in so I could get video of this increasingly rare sight and sound. I wasn't sure if this was going to be my only opportunity to catch this guy moving so I had to savor the moment. Luckily Kevin, the owner, did drive his rig around and race it down the strip a few times that weekend and I got more video than this. Shot at the Truckin' For Kids Truck Show at Irwindale, California on October 6th, 2012.

Backing Contest At The 2011 Truckin' For Kids Show: Truck 3
This Peterbilt 379 is participating in the backing contest at the 2011Truckin' For Kids Show. Shot on 9-25-11.

Two Freightliner COE's Drag Racing At Irwindale
The red Powerliner in the near lane puts on a good smoke show as it runs down the track (the stacks were just for show). There are a few other interesting cab overs in this scene too. Disher Trucking's chopped and dropped '71 KW Low Buk$ makes a run, while in the return lane is a '78 Freightliner named Unconventional and a white KW COE driven by a woman goes by. She wasn't showing much emotion on her face, but she sure let her truck do the talking for her. She was having fun out there.

truck wheelie (remi simard)
Best page ever/la meuilleur page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Communaut%C3%A9-Redneck-Qu%C3%A9bec/22180128 1277659 Rémi Simard, drag de truck, power, wheeling, horse power, funny drag la doré, westernstar 47 47x western star torque québec quebec redneck lac-saint-jean tractor pulling roal coal diesel smoke wow fast show de boucane simard remi St-Joseph-de-Beauce st-joseph de bauce kenworth Big Rig

Detroit Diesel Powered Drag Racing Kenworth At Irwindale
Though it is obvious that that is a Detroit Diesel under the hood, I'm not quite sure what kind. My guess would be an 8V92, but that is only a guess. Seen at the Truckin' For Kids Truck Show at Irwindale, California on October 7th, 2012.

Road Transport's 1971 White/Freightliner Cab-Over Drag Racing Truck At TFK 2013
A short clip showing Road Transport's '71 White/Freightliner COE drag racing truck. Shot at Truckin' For Kids, on Sunday October 6th, 2013.

Walk-Around Of Alexis Trucking's Peterbilt
This Pete (379?) belongs to Alexis Trucking of South Gate, California. This was at the Truckin' For Kids Truck Show at Irwindale, California on October 7th, 2012.

The 75 12v71 Peterbilt drag racing! Very Loud! Very Cool!
Here is the 75 Peterbilt 359 that has the 12v71N and straight pipes. It was recently replaced with N90 injectors and it now turns about 2600 rpms, it probably does around 68 almost to 70 instead of 55 firewalled at 2100. 5:29 rear ends with a RTO-12513 single overdrive 13 speed transmission. Dual 6" straight stacks, and very loud but good sounding!

1984 freightliner cabover loud straight pipe Detroit 8v92 driveby
My friend Kevin's 1984 Freightliner with a 8v92ta straight pipe sound. View and comment.

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