CRX K24 412 Hp

Sleeper Autosport K24 CRX 412 HP @ 6000 RPM with 428 TQ 15 psi

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JTranbuilt |Bizzy work K20 stroker 89x92 12.5:1CR 4piston pro 156 Skunk2 valvetrain Skunk2 ultra 4 Skunk2 ultra manifold 4piston port CP pistons Carrillo rods S2000 oil pump K-Tuned 90mm TB Hytech replica header 3" Thermal Exhaust E85 Jtran tuned

Corba Vs CrX (i think)
Josh And Dalton were jsut driving around when this car came up and challenged us to a race . lol . heheh

Turbo Honda CRX vs ALL - Arizona STREETS
Hondas get their fair share of trash talk, but what some don’t realize is that once you bolt a turbo onto one of these tiny little 1.8L engines…they can make GOBS of power! When you throw that combo into a Honda CRX that only weighs 2200lbs, you get a badass little street car! The poor C6 Corvette, Charger Hellcat, and bikes weren’t ready for this! We caught up with the owner of this CRX and hopped in the passenger seat to take down some quick cars in this street racing battle! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ►

Lambo vs Honda CRX
2001 Lambirghini vs Honda CRX