Vanishing Point(1997) - Kowalski vs Cops

Crazy cop vs desperate Kowalski

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Gone in 60 Seconds (1974 ) FINAL SCENE!
THE BEST PART OF THIS FILM! The Original Gone in 60 seconds made in 1974, written and directed by H.B. Halicki. All of the stunts in this movie were completely real, and 90% of the people in this were real people and not actors. Most of this chase scene was also unwritten and just plotted out with the sense of police failing to catch Toby Halicki as he attempts to steal Eleanor, a 1973 Mustang.

Bullitt - The Chase (part 1)
The iconic scene of one of the greatest, if not the greatest ("thumbs up" if you agree), car chases of motion picture history...enjoy. (Parental Guidance Cautioned -- Scene might upset younger viewers) Want to see more? Get yourself a copy, for a good price, on For entertainment purposes only No copyright infringement intended. Warner Brothers 1968 2012. All rights reserved

King of the mountain 1981 (final run)
vette vs speedster

Vanishing Point Fluchpunkt San Francisco 1997 - End Scene
Vanishing Point (1997 Remake) Fluchtpunkt San Francisco. Starring Viggo Mortensen aka Jimmy Kowalski. 1970 Dodge Challenger RT powered by 426 Hemi.