Honda Valkyrie with TBR 6-into-6 Exhaust System

Back in 1996 Two Brothers Racing introduced a unique 6 into 6 Exhaust system for the then new Honda Valkyrie. Here is a clip that shows off not only the great look but also the incredible sound.

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Honda Valkyrie Cobra 6 into 6 exhaust no DB killers
all 6 baffles removed.

Valkyrie exhaust - horseapple ranch Mark T
These are 38 inch truck stacks from horseapple ranch. I got them to replace butchered Ragnar cut stick pipes that were too loud for me. These have glass packs, the optional organ pipe silencers which are removable, the optional crossover, and are 4 inch miter cut facing out. I love the look and the sound.

Valkyrie TBR pipes
'97 Honda Valkyrie 126,000 miles Two Brothers Racing 6-into-6 pipes.

Honda Valkyrie - Cobra exhaust sound without bafflers
Mufflers out of Exhaust sounds amazing! -