Ford Aspire Autox Solo II Racing II.mp4

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Ford Aspire BP engine swap - First start and drive
This is me and my mazda BP engine swap into a 95 ford aspire, stock tranny for now. The wiring harness and air intake box were thrown in haphazardly for testing purposes. I really wanted to hear it run.

Tuff Ford Aspire@Cowlitz County
Aug 9 2013 Hutton Motorsports monster truck show Longview,Wa.

1995 Ford Aspire exhaust clip
1995 Ford Aspire. This is my friends first car. All it has is a muffler and k&n. We had some good times in this car. He now has a mitsubishi eclipse. Videos to come soon of that.

Know Your Ford Figo Aspire | Review of Features |
Watch Ford Figo Aspire Review of Features by CarDekho. Know more about Aspire at How to unlock your car: Ford Figo Aspire can be unlocked in two ways: The unlock button in the key can be pressed to unlock the car automatically. Second, you can use the key to open driver door and gain access. How to Start the car: To turn on the Figo Aspire, you just need to insert the key in the ignition keyhole and twist it all the way forward to start the car. Aspire comes with a normal start function, there is no start-stop button. Wipers controls: The Aspire comes with two-speed settings for the wipers. You can choose between low and high depending on the intensity of the rain. The speed can be set by pushing the lever upwards. You can also adjust the frequency of the wiper by adjusting the dialer. There is a lever behind the steering wheel on the left to operate the wipers. The button on the tip of the lever will start the auto wipers once pushed. Open the Bonnet: To open the bonnet, you need to pull the lever that is placed on the lower side of the dashboard and on the right side of the accelerator pedal. Pull the lever to open the bonnet. Then step out the car, there will be a button under the front middle of the bonnet, place your finger in the gap and gently push up the lever to the lock. Now lift the hood and place the securing stick at its position so that the lid don’t fall. Side View Mirrors: Figo Aspire comes with electrically adjustable side view mirrors. A knob is given near the A pillar door handles for adjusting the outside mirrors. Slide the knob to right and press the other direction button for right, left, up, down to adjust the right mirror and slide the knob to left for adjusting the left mirror. How to Connect Bluetooth Trend, Titanium and Titanium+ trims come with Bluetooth connectivity. In the infotainment unit, search for the menu button on the lower left corner then select the add device option and then select find Ford My Device option. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone , Turn it On. Scan for devices and look for devices. In case of Figo Aspire, its name is Ford BT. After selecting the name, pair the devices. Driver Information Display: The driver info display of Aspire displays times, fuel level, average fuel economy, time, distance travel and distance to empty. In order to reset the trip meter, you need to press the level which placed behind the steering wheel on right hand side. Headlamps and Foglamps: The lever to operate headlamps and fog lamps are placed near the steering wheel on the right side of the dashboard. Turn rolling knob once to switch on the parking lights and twice to switch on the headlamps and pushing the lever towards the dash will enable the high beam. The button to turn the fog lamps on is mounted next to roller. To turn the fog lamps on, you just need to press that button. The button on the top will turn on front fog lamps and the lower button will turn on the rear fog lamp. You can also adjust the height of the headlamps by pressing the dialer in the middle, stick will pop out and you can choose the height by turning the stick. You can also adjust the high beam function which is controlled by lever placed on the right hand side of the steering. In order to turn it on pull the lever towards yourself. Tyre Pressure Information: The Tyre Pressure Sticker is placed on the door gap. It is necessary to read the sticker to inflate the tyres. For Figo Aspire the tyre pressure is 30 PSI. How to open the boot: There are two ways to unlock the boot of the Figo Aspire. If you are inside the car, press the boot button which is placed on the right hand side of the driver side dashboard, it's next to headlight controls. The other way to open the open boot is by inserting key and lift the boot. Access spare tyre: The spare tyre of the Aspire can be accessed from the boot. All you need to lift the carpet out and take out the toolkit. There is a nut in the centre which holds the tyre, you have to lose it. Once loosen, you can lift the tyre out. Fill Wiper Fluid: First open the bonnet and pull the blue cap given on the right side of the engine. After this, one can simply pour in clean filtered water and place the cap back properly. Make sure to use recommended shampoo in the wiper fluid. Driver Seat Adjustment: The seats of the car can be reclined according to your needs and comfort. You just need to pull the reclining lever which is located under the seat and adjust accordingly. Likewise, the height of the driver seat can also be adjusted by pulling the lever which is placed at the right-hand side of the driver seat. Open fuel lid: To open the fuel lid, one needs to pull the remote opener lever present near the driver’s side floor.