Ford Aspire Autox Solo II Racing II.mp4

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Ford Aspire BP engine swap - First start and drive
This is me and my mazda BP engine swap into a 95 ford aspire, stock tranny for now. The wiring harness and air intake box were thrown in haphazardly for testing purposes. I really wanted to hear it run.

My 1996 Ford Aspire lansing Michigan
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Ford Figo Aspire vs Honda Amaze - Drag Race | MotorBeam puts two 100 PS compact sedans in a 600 metres drag race to see which one of these 1.5-litre diesel engined equipped cars are faster. On one side is the Honda Amaze whose i-DTEC mill generates 100 PS and 200 Nm while the Ford Figo Aspire is powered by a TDCI motor that belts out 100 PS and 215 Nm of torque. The Figo Aspire's engine has better mid-range than the Amaze while also offering a better top-end with the car revving to 5000 RPM against the Amaze's lower 4200 RPM limiter. Read how the recently launched Ford Figo Aspire compares with its rivals in the sub 4-metre segment at figo-aspire-vs-hyundai-xcent-vs-tata-zest-shootout/ Subscribe to the channel: motorbeamdotcom Follow Us On:

Tuff Ford Aspire@Cowlitz County
Aug 9 2013 Hutton Motorsports monster truck show Longview,Wa.