Daihatsu Coure and Suzuki Alto drifting

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634288696&ref=tn_tnmn Drift scenes Daihatsu Coure and Suzuki Alto in Lahore..

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Drifting a '93 Suzuki Alto
We were somewhere near a McDonald's and picked up a couple trays to try out the infamous "Tray Drifting". We just tried it with the FWD 1993 Suzuki Alto 0.8 GLS, this is what came out. Enjoy and subscribe for more content!

Saran's Alto vs Aftab's Civic.. Race:1
Saran's Alto: hand made intake system, simota air intake filter, hot wires, downpipe and a desi Exhaust. vs Aftab's civic 2005 D16 vtec with a down pipe..

Suzuki Alto改/SUZUKI ALTO K6A 660cc
愛車 アルトバンの改造記録です。 編集適当ですのでお見苦しい点がございますが ご了承くださいm(._.)m ペこっ

Suzuki Alto
Suzuki Alto Slide Show