2013 Honda Jazz Petrol Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

Hello everyone! Following the 2013 Accord video, I have a video on the 2013 Jazz Petrol. A little history/timeline can be found in the video as I detail the journey of the second generation Honda Jazz in Malaysia. Anyways, I have decided to stick the Jazz Petrol name in the title instead of simply Jazz 1.5 so viewers would not ask me whether is this the Hybrid model or not. Enjoy!

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2013 Honda Jazz 1.4 i-VTEC ES Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour
*NOTE 1* This car is marketed as a 1.4, but in fact, it has a 1.3 litre engine. Hello everyone! Today's video will be about the UK-spec 2013 Honda Jazz five door hatchback with the 1.3 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine producing 98bhp/99PS paired to a CVT in ES trim. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/alexlovesmac Twitter - https://twitter.com/alexlovesmac308 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/alexlovesmac/ Enjoy and thank you for watching! Regards, alexlovesmac

2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

2003 Honda Jazz i-DSI Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

2012 Honda Jazz Hybrid Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Quick Drive
I know I've done a video on a 2012 Jazz Hybrid before, but I thought I'd film it again as my friend just got one and he let me film it. Plus, this car doesn't have the bodykit and the environment in this video is much quieter than the previous Jazz Hybrid video. Also, I took the car for a quick test drive.