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GHOST E-ndure Evo2 - Pedelec für den harten Geländeeinsatz
Mitte 2011 könnte dieses Pedelec von GHOST auf den Markt kommen. Die wesentlichsten Merkmale in Stichworten: * Tretlagermotor mit 150 Nm (!) max. Drehmoment * Akku: 48 V, 8.2 Ah (~394 Wh), 250 Watt Nennleistung * komplette Integration des Antriebstrangs und Akkus in den Rahmen * uneingeschränkte Linienwahl auch auf dem Trail * tiefer, zentraler Schwerpunkt - agiles und laufruhiges Fahrverhalten * geringe Leitungsverluste durch kurze Kabellängen Fotos und weitere Details auf

Bosch E-Bike inside - Bosch Pedelec Motor wird zerlegt
Ein Bosch E-Bike Motor wird aufgemacht, zerlegt und die Einzelteile vorgestellt.

VeloMini Folding Electric Bicycle Bike and the T-1 Bicycle Trailer and Luggage
VeloMini, one of the best folding electric bicycles available when paired with the and new T-1 folding bicycle trailer and Luggage is the perfect combination for: Travelers Commuters Boat, RV and Plane Owners Errands near the home, office for dorm

Stromer Sport electric bike review The Stromer electric bike by Stromer is currently one of the most powerful and highest quality electric bicycles in the US. The Stromer eBike has a dual mode system that lets you choose between automatic Power assist or Throttle-only joy riding. Its beefy, 600 watt, brush-less, gear-less motor is 100% maintenance free. Stromer uses a high end 36 volt Lithium-Ion battery pack with 10ah (360 watt/hours) capacity to support long and fast riding. Even with it's high capacity the battery still small and light enough to make the Stromer feel and handle like a regular mountain bike rather than an electric moped. Stromer electric bikes are designed for the Alps of Switzerland. Expect the finest quality and craftsmanship - a bike that can help you up a hill that most mountain goats would struggle with. Check out more details on the amazing Stromer electric bike: