Plymouth Laser AWD vs Corvette z06 on Drag Radials DIG

AWD Laser vs Cocky Corvette z06 owner. Credits to for shooting and hosting the video first.

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HX40 Laser vs HX35 Eclipse 40 ROLL
1992 Plymouth Laser AWD Stock motor+ cams, hx40 on 29psi vs 2g Eclipse AWD 2.3L Stroker, HX35 on 37psi. The Camera car is the Laser. 40 ROLL

It's Got Frickin LASER Beams! 10 Second Plymouth Laser Turbo - Kyle Cimbron 10.36 @ 134mph
1g awd DSM Drag Race Kyle Cimbron running a new best 10.367 @ 134.14 MPH on DOT Street Legal Hoosiers in his mint condition 1g Plymouth Laser RS. Won the Forced Induction Sport Class at Import Face Off at New England Dragway. Car info:turbo is a FP3565 (old school Non HTA 35R in FP's bolt on housing) Quartermaster Twin Disc, FIC 950's, C16 fuel. - Drag Race Videos Spectator Drag Race Videos, Import Drag racing, Muscle car drag racing, street racing, how to's, parts reviews, turbo, all motor, Nitrous, supercharged. New England DSM New England Dragway Epping, NH 10/13/13

C7 Corvette with Drag Radials Rips the 1/4 Mile We caught up with a brand new 2014 C7 Stingray Corvette 7 speed manual at the Palm Beach International Raceway Drag Strip. The Corvette had drag radials and a BIG sticker on the windshield. We were hoping for some crazy fast runs. Alas it seems these must be baseline runs or close to baseline. His first run looked as if he knew what he was doing. Moderate wheel spin, no bog, and he was banging some pretty good shifts. Edit: We heard the car had N20 installed. Also the right lane was trapping 2mph slower than the left.