ROCK a B´s Dodge Charger Dragster Race . Supercharger vs. Dragster Boss Hoss

The ROCK a B´s Dodge Supercharger on the Strip.......... cool Sound, from the Car and the Music

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10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

Trophée ATD Mende 2013 - Dodge Dart 500 Pro ET Dragster
Multicam On board at Dulamon Drag Race 2013. "The Danger Mouse Racing Team"

68 Charger Top Sportsman Mopar Q16 race
Q16 race at Monster Mopar 07 St. Louis

Dodge Charger dragster demo @ European Super Pull 2012 Ahoy
Dodge Charger RT dragster is making some noise in Ahoy Rotterdam @ European Super Pull 2012. Great supercharged V8. For more screaming V8's check my other video's! And subscribe please.