Rickys 1.8T GT3076R Jetta vs. Mikes Turbo D16Z6 T25 Eg Hatch 40 Roll

Eg Hatch - D16Z6, Stock Internals, T25@15psi, 260whp. Jetta - 2008cc 1.8T, Fully Built Internals, AEB Head, Big Cams, Hemi Throttle Body, GT3076R@24psi.

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Golf GTI 800HP
Preparação pesada garante ao carro 317 Km/h e 0 a 100 Km/h em 4,2s

jetta gt3071r 28psi highway runs +2 bikes
messing around on the highway. on my last pull i ran a cbr bike,(you can see him when i enter the highway in the start of the video. him an the other bike that goes ahead of us both gave me thumbs up afterwards

1.8T GT3071R Big Turbo Dyno
GT3071R on 1.8T @ 22PSI = 318 Wheel horsepower = about 365hp at the crank. Eurodyne 630CC Tune, Pump Gas Stock Exhaust manifold. 3 inch DP 3 inch ATP turbo Inlet 630 Siemens Injectors NGK BK7RE Plugs Forge MBC Forge 007 Diverter Eurojet Street FMIC Clutchmasters Stage 3 02M Clutch with 16lb flywheel 2 1/4 Inch Exhaust with 3 inch electric cutout The car is fun as fuck to drive. This grocery getter can hang with the best and smoke the rest of them now :)

Jetta 1.8t vs. Civic
Putting cocky civic in it's place.. 2003 jetta 1.8t wolfsburg big turbo, chipped, custom Exhaust, intake and more....civic chipped, stage 2 clutch, intake, Exhaust, overconfident driver!