Rickys 1.8T GT3076R Jetta vs. Mikes Turbo D16Z6 T25 Eg Hatch 40 Roll

Eg Hatch - D16Z6, Stock Internals, T25@15psi, 260whp. Jetta - 2008cc 1.8T, Fully Built Internals, AEB Head, Big Cams, Hemi Throttle Body, GT3076R@24psi.

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D16z6 turbo vs ls1 camaro
Watch the whole video. I dont know how we ended up racing this guy(Zbad28)! We did like 8 pulls total. Little did he know the honda aint even built. Heres a pull i caught with my camera phone. shitty phone

B6 A4 1.8T GT3076R round 2 drive 11psi
For the fellas on Audizine My 2003 B6 A4 V6 to 1.8T swap IE rods JE pistons, AEB head, supertech titanium valve train, IE cam, Apikol intake mani, 2.7TT throttle body, 830cc injectors, 044 inline pump, IE surge tank, garrett gt3076r, 3" Exhaust, etc....

D16z6 Turbo vs. LS3 Corvette
My D16 turbo slaying some of your Daddy's car... Launching and hitting the rev limiter at 8k. Haha.. Cutting 1.80 on an open dif stock d15 trans. Lol My D16z6 semi built Vitara 75.5mm Fj Rods Edelbrock Intake manifold Hasports mounts Supertech Valve springs Ebay Emusa turbo 50trim turbonetics Evolution wastegate "No Dump pipe"' Mini Ramhorn manifold Competition stage 4 6puck sprung clutch Stock 16lbs honda flywheel And more.... Was running on a shitty long geared non v-tec trans on this i was encountering serious Boost lag on each shift all gear. Actually i barely hit Boost on 3rd since my 2nd gear goes up to 90mph a Boost lag later i hit 3rd and 1/4 is done.. It ran 12.5 with 109mph traps . Car Dynoed and made 301whp 262lbs Torque @18psi tuned on crome at friends in Speedquest Previously ran 12.1 @117mph on a S20 D16z6 trans with Obx Lsd, but i killed that thing so i'm rebuilding a y8 trans as of the moment.. Looking for 11s this year

gt35r gti convered to AWD, put all my vids together
A few videos with built and stock engine.