Rickys 1.8T GT3076R Jetta vs. Mikes Turbo D16Z6 T25 Eg Hatch 40 Roll

Eg Hatch - D16Z6, Stock Internals, T25@15psi, 260whp. Jetta - 2008cc 1.8T, Fully Built Internals, AEB Head, Big Cams, Hemi Throttle Body, GT3076R@24psi.

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1.8T GT3071R Big Turbo Dyno
GT3071R on 1.8T @ 22PSI = 318 Wheel horsepower = about 365hp at the crank. Eurodyne 630CC Tune, Pump Gas Stock Exhaust manifold. 3 inch DP 3 inch ATP turbo Inlet 630 Siemens Injectors NGK BK7RE Plugs Forge MBC Forge 007 Diverter Eurojet Street FMIC Clutchmasters Stage 3 02M Clutch with 16lb flywheel 2 1/4 Inch Exhaust with 3 inch electric cutout The car is fun as fuck to drive. This grocery getter can hang with the best and smoke the rest of them now :)

Golf GTI 800HP
Preparação pesada garante ao carro 317 Km/h e 0 a 100 Km/h em 4,2s

jetta gt3071r 28psi highway runs +2 bikes
messing around on the highway. on my last pull i ran a cbr bike,(you can see him when i enter the highway in the start of the video. him an the other bike that goes ahead of us both gave me thumbs up afterwards

VRT vs S4 vs A8
I found this video somewhere on the net and thought it was neat. Vrt vs. S4 vs. A8 The S4 is full built, engine, rs6 turbos etc. the Jetta is a t71 vr stock borrom end. The A8 is an A8....big and not very fast.