Noahs2009 KTM 65

we told him a friend was outside for him but surprised him with a new KTM 65

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100%KTM/montage 2/ktm 65 sx et quad/avec noah

Overwhelmed Ryder
Ryder's 4th birthday party - Mommy, Daddy and Grandparents went in on a real KTM 50 mini sx. I spent the last week taming this thing and de-tuning it. Still has a little too much power for his 40lbs, but I will fix that with an adjustable throttle. Ryder was completely overwhelmed yesterday, which is just what I expected. This is new for me too, as I've never taught a 4yr old how to ride a dirt bike!! More to come soon...

stunt dirt bike
moi 12 ans en dirt

mini moto marco gabriel pilotando
esse eh o meu filhaum se devertindo c sua mini moto suzukinha gsx...papai te ama.